Forget old recruitment practices

Small recruitment updates will help you bridge the gap with your international competition and ensure success both locally and overseas

Headhunting is the most effective way to attract the most suitable and skilled applicants.

Strong ICT -professionals increasingly rely on their networks and can only be reached with the right mix of direct search and long-term employer branding. When you choose Cretal, you avoid wasting your teams time as work time can be used to support your core business instead of going through applications from serial applicants and interviewing them.


This is how we do it at Cretal:

To start our cooperation, we discuss about current situation and identify your competence needs. We get acquainted with the company and narrow down the profile according to what kind of expert fits into your organisation and gives best support to the team’s performance.

You will receive candidates introductions according to the pre-agreed profile. We agree interviews with the selected candidates, and upon request, we will also call the references for you and do the necessary background checks.

It is our principle that every recruitment process is unique, needs-based and must be adapted according to the situation. With us, you can also reach international experts.

Quality is always the number one criteria of our work. We collect and assess data of our processes and we guarantee our operations – our clients only pay for realised and successful recruitment.

Some of the benefits of direct search

  • 1/

    You get stronger candidates as you don’t solely rely on having the right talent, at the time of need, finding you


  • 2/

    You get better fitting candidates considering all of the candidates relevant to you - pre-screened to make sure they are relevant to your company and current need


  • 3/

    You get hold of suitable candidates faster and increase interview to hire -rate in comparison to your competition whom are phrasing “good” ads, waiting months for responses and screening mass applicants


  • 4/

    You cut cost per hire in form of saved work hours wasted on inferior recruitment practices and prevent interviewing and hiring wrong people


  • 5/

    You save on salary costs by not paying more than the market price for skills, or for skills you cannot make use of - avoid hiring from the place of perceived lack


  • 6/

    You will have smaller employee turnover rate as you will be able to take into account your company culture better when hiring - avoid hiring well-spoken job hoppers


Direct search

Trust us with bigger slice of your employer branding efforts?

Apart from headhunting, we provide a wide range of employer image development ranging from cultural surveys, internal handbooks to culture fixups to clarify company culture for hiring and management purposes.


“Cretal listened carefully to our recruitment needs and made the process easy and smooth for us. We received comprehensive service from start to finish. Thanks to their industry knowledge, Cretal found many strong candidates from which we were able to choose the best for us. We saved time and resources – and we will continue to use Cretal!”

Janne Repo, CEO,

“Recruiting software developers used to be challenging for us. Cretal has made it effortless and secure. Strong candidates have been found quickly and the process with Cretal has been quick and easy thanks to their expert service. Strong recommendation.”

Marcus Ahlfors, CEO,
Nemesys Oy

“Knowledge in the area of IT makes Cretal exceptionally capable of finding the right people for the job, something that is rare in the industry, and the drive to understand and learn more about the market and our challenges makes working with Cretal a great experience. I would highly recommend.”

Jacob Lärfors, Lead Technical
Consultant, Verifa Oy