Headhunting the best IT-talent for you!

“Credible partner in finding tech talent creatively”

Success in recruitment is key
to every business’s prosperity – and employer image is one of its most important indicators.

What is Cretal?

We find the right person for the right place – fast!

Cretal Talent Acquisition Ltd is a contingent direct search company in the heart of Helsinki, specializing in the ICT industry. With almost decade of experience from hiring various roles, we are thoroughly familiar with the ICT industry, understand the market and the best practices for finding and attracting top talent. Therefore, you always get relevant and in-depth pre-interviewed candidates, faster than your competition, for your evaluation. We also provide you with expert assistance ranging from identifying the particular skills you need to evaluating candidates, and offer competence testing through a partner.

We headhunt software developers and engineers, QA specialists, system and cloud specialists, scrum masters and CIOs – exactly the professionals you need.

To shorten the time to hire and improve the applicant experience, we aim the open position to the exact right target group.

Instead of leafing through irrelevant applications, you will spend your time interviewing candidates who have already been found to have the most potential for the job.

Direct search is the most cost-effective way to recognise the best possible experts for each task.

Successful marketing communications turns many of the applicants into fans of the company.




Successful recruitment naturally means that the best possible expert, for the particular need, is selected for the position. What is more, we brighten the company’s employer image in the process.

With us, you know what you get. We collect data of our processes, and share it with our partners to consistently improve our processes, operate on success-based pricing and offer a guarantee for our work.

You only pay for successful recruitment!

In addition to right skills and job titles, we recognise the importance of cultural fit – the new addition must fit into your team and stay there for a long time to be a successful hire